Property Management Service

The aim of the Group’s property management services is to provide our customers with a safe and comfortable living and working environment. The scope of management service is as below.

  • Facility Management

  • We undertake regular inspection and maintenance of common facilities to ensure smooth operations. These include electricity supply, lifts, central air-conditioning, fire-fighting equipment, security systems, drainage and water tanks.

  • Security

  • 24-hour security services and security monitoring systems ensure a safe and secure environment. We also provide training for security guards to ensure service quality.

  • A Clean Environment

  • Cleaning services of common areas, pest control, regular inspection and maintenance of air-conditioning systems provide a comfortable and healthy environment.

  • Fire Prevention and Safety

  • Ensuring strict compliance with fire prevention and safety requirements under prevailing ordinances to safeguard lives and property.

  • Insurance

  • Ensuring adequate coverage on fire and public liability insurance protects the interests of owners and the general public.

  • Compliances

  • Our professional services help you comply with the requirements of relevant ordinances and restrictive covenants and protect the interests of all parties.

  • Facility Update / Improvement

  • We conduct regular reviews of existing building facilities and recommend renewals or improvements to accommodate the ever-changing needs of society.

  • Emergency Support

  • You can count on our 24-hour emergency support to handle any unexpected occurrences.